Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County’s Marine Program has collaborated with the Wildlab to develop the Horseshoe Crab App for the iPhone. This aim of this application is not to replace more rigorous horseshoe crab monitoring methods used in many States including New York, but to provide a tool for the citizen scientist, educators, or the casual beach-goer who would like to record their observations of spawning horseshoe crabs and share it with a larger community, or use the data to test their own personal questions.

    The reasons for collecting data on horseshoe crab are many, but conservation management is among the highest priority given recent population status and declines in migratory shorebirds that feed upon their eggs. During the spawning season, we often receive numerous phone messages from citizens reporting horseshoe crab sightings, but unfortunately they often fail to give accurate descriptions of the location, number of crabs, etc., rendering the data of little value. We sought to improve this by utilizing smartphone technology because they are essentially handheld computers that have built-in GPS (Global Positioning System) units. As a result, these devices can yield spatial positions as well as log, upload and plot data instantly. Hence, we can gain more meaningful information regarding areas that horseshoe crabs are found at any spatial scale. We also hope that this App will help increase awareness of this important animal and contribute to its’ conservation management.

The Horseshoe Crab iPhone App

How to Get the Free Horseshoe Crab iPhone App:

  1. 1)From the iTunes Store type in “horseshoe crab app” in search engine and  download


  1. 2)From your iPhone type: “horseshoe crab” in app store to download

Then Register an account with the Wildlab and you should be ready to go!

Screen Shots of the Horseshoe Crab iPhone App: